Y'allywood Film Cars Packs Georgia Film Sets Full Of Period-Perfect Vehicles

Jan 15, 2020

Cars are an integral part of portraying time and place in film, with some leaving a lasting impact on our cultural references. There’s James Bond’s Aston Martin, Marty McFly’s time-traveling DeLorean, Thelma and Louise’s 1966 Thunderbird and countless other examples.  

With Georgia now a go-to filming location for projects like Baby Driver and Stranger Things, the demand for automobiles, current and vintage, is growing.

Y’allywood Film Cars aims to fill that demand and keep the industry fair in the process. Run by Beth Aylward, Jeana Lopeman and Stacy Frasure, Y’allywood Film Cars connects the car collectors of Georgia with the productions looking for a specific model.

Aylward, Frasure and Lopeman joined On Second Thought to share the story of how their company started.

“[Jeana] was making like a third of what I was making, and I was starting to see it all over the place. And I didn’t like it — I didn’t think it was fair,” Aylward explained. “So, Jeana suggested to me that I start a group to just gather a few people together so that we can watch out for each other.”

Y’allywood Film Cars is up to almost 300 members and provides a variety of vehicles including everything from fire engines to planes and boats.

The first anniversary of the company is approaching in February. Looking to the future, Y’allywood Film Cars wants to continue advocating for fair prices and treatment on set while continuing to grow their network around the state.

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