From 'Wire And Wood' To Rock Star Icon: Exhibition At MODA Examines Guitar Design

Aug 16, 2019

Whether it's the twang of a blues tune, the finger-picking of a folk song, or the shredding in heavy metal music, the guitar is central to our concept of popular music. But how does the design — the look, sound and feel — play into how a guitar becomes iconic?

Right now, the Museum of Design Atlanta, otherwise known as MODA, has an exhibition exploring exactly that. It's called "Wire & Wood: Designing Iconic Guitars" and it's on display until Sept. 29.

Todd Vaught is curator of the exhibition, and he joined On Second Thought to discuss the design behind guitars, and the rock stars that make them iconic. Dennis Fano, guitar builder and founder of Novo Guitars, Rivolta Guitars and Fano Guitars, also joined the conversation.

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