Wildfire Burning On Federally Protected Cumberland Island

Jul 5, 2019

A wildfire on Cumberland Island has burned more than 350 acres in the Cumberland Island Wilderness Area.

The Whitney Fire was started by a lightning strike last Saturday according to the National Park Service. No evacuations have been ordered and crews have set up structure protection. 

The Southern Area Gray Incident Management Team has more than 50 people on the scene, a helicopter and five engines to contain the fire. 

In a release by the National Park Service, officials said fire is a part of the island's ecosystem and occurs at regular intervals. The island's fire management team has spent the past couple of years to clear debris and set up a fire management system. 

Below is a list of roads closed due to the fire:

  • North Cut Road including the Shell Road to the old wharf ruins
  • Main Road at the junction of South Cut Road, Main Road is closed from here to the north.  
  • Killman Field Trail
  • Bunkley Trail
  • Rollercoaster Trail north of South Cut Road.
  • Brickhill Trail
  • Terrapin Point Trail
  • Lake Whitney Trail
  • Brickhill Bluff Campground