Why We 'Hate-Watch' Bad TV and Movies

Feb 7, 2018

Some things in life are just so bad, they’re good. Imagine being marooned in a movie theater, forced to watch the worst movies of all time… for all time. That’s the premise behind the show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. It features a human and his two robot sidekicks, on a spaceship, riffing on the movies they love to hate. Two of the stars of the cult classic are coming to Atlanta to hate on bad movies in front of a live audience. Actor and puppeteer Trace Beaulieu, who appeared on the show for eight seasons, joined us.



Then, we explored just why so many of us love to hate-watch bad movies and TV shows. Trace Beaulieu came back for that part of the conversation. We also brought in The Credits podcast host Kalena Boller and comedian Larry Johnson, founder of Cinaprov.