Why Can't Georgians Live On A Boat For More Than 30 Days? And Other Odd State Laws

Jul 3, 2018

Adult businesses recently lost a few more rounds against the City of Sandy Springs. The Georgia Supreme Court ruled against an appeal by Maxim Cabaret challenging the constitutionality of Sandy Springs's ban of alcohol sales and zoning restrictions on strip clubs and other adult businesses. Sandy Springs established those restrictions and that ban in 2006.

The case follows two similar suits struck down earlier this spring. Both petitioned to the U.S. Supreme Court. On June 18, the high court decided not to review the case of Flanigan’s Enterprises, which operated a business selling sex toys.


Our search for the origins of those laws led us to a number of curious laws still on the books in Georgia.


We cribbed a few on this list from idiotlaws.com, if that tells you anything. But as obscure -- and seemingly silly as these laws are, they are still on the books. Georgia State University law professor Tanya Washington joined us with an explanation of how laws get made, and how hard they are to change.