Who's The Real Atticus Finch? The "Go Set a Watchman" Controversy

Mar 29, 2018

On this edition of "Two Way Street," we're asking the question—who is Atticus Finch?

He was a beloved champion of justice in “To Kill a Mockingbird” but a bigot in “Go Set a Watchman.”

That question—of who Atticus Finch is really—is now the subject of a lawsuit. Harper Lee’s estate is suing writer, Aaron Sorkin, for how he portrays Atticus Finch in his Broadway adaptation of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

It’s a question we’ve also asked ourselves. After the release of “Go Set a Watchman,” we invited Bitter Southerner editor Chuck Reece and Emory University historian Joseph Crespino to discuss what they make of this new Atticus.

This conversation originally aired on August 1st, 2015.