Who, If Anyone, Stood Out In GOP Gubernatorial Debate?

May 18, 2018

On this edition of "Poltical Rewind," we discuss the House farm bill's defeat. All Georgia Republicans in the House voted for the bill, including Jody Hice who was wavering. 

Then, we move on to last night's GOP Gubernatorial Debate. In a statewide televised debate, GOP candidates for governor argued over who's toughest on protecting the Second Amendment. Plus, they flex their muscles on deporting undocumented immigrants.  

Our panel weighs in on who may have improved their chances in the primary election and who may be left in the dust. 

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams continues her streak of winning endorsements from national leaders. Bernie Sanders is now in her camp. And her opponent Stacey Evans works to bolster her chances by releasing an internal poll showing the race is closer than the public may imagine. 


AJC Lead Political Writer, Jim Galloway

GPB Lawmaker's Lisa Rayam

Republican Strategist, Loretta Lepore

Georgia's WIN List Founder and Director, Melita Easters