This Week In Georgia Politics: From Inauguration Day To A Feminist Fight In The Senate

Jan 18, 2019

It’s been a busy week in Georgia politics. The state has a new governor, and a new legislative session is underway in the state House and Senate. The 2018 “Year of the Woman” means the Georgia General Assembly now has a record number of female lawmakers, and they’re already making a splash. Female senators started the session by decrying their small number of committee chair assignments, most of which were doled out by male lawmakers.

GPB Politics Reporter Stephen Fowler has been under the gold dome covering the action and stopped by "On Second Thought" to provide a recap of the week.

We also honored Pulitzer-winning poet Mary Oliver, who died recently at age 83. Producer Elena Rivera read one of her favorite poems, "In Blackwater Woods," in honor of Oliver's lasting legacy as a writer.

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