Water Coalition Celebrates Clean Water Efforts

Sep 20, 2019

The Georgia Water Coalition is celebrating individuals and groups that are working to keep the state’s waterways clean with its annual “Clean 13” list. 


The list highlights individuals, government agencies, advocacy groups and even private companies for their work on water issues in Georgia. 


It includes Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s efforts to sustainably manage stormwater and Amerson River Park in Macon-Bibb County, which the water coalition said has “transformed the region’s relationship” with the Ocmulgee River. 


Jennette Gayer with Environment Georgia said the list also recognizes Terrapin Beer Company in Athens for reducing the amount of water it uses. 


“It also directs the waste streams created from the brewing process away from landfills to local farms and composting facilities where it becomes animal feed and soil,” Gayer said.


The Georgia Water Coalition said they hope highlighting successful water projects will encourage other groups and state leaders to take on similar efforts.