Voting Rights Group Files Federal Lawsuit Asking For Election Reform

Nov 27, 2018

Two voting rights groups filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday pushing for election reform across Georgia.

The lawsuit filed by Fair Fight Action and Care In Action names the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office and State Election Board.

It alleges the state used outdated voting machines, poll workers lacked proper training, and voters were unconstitutionally purged leading up to November’s General Election.

Lauren Groh-Wargo served as Stacey Abrams' campaign manager and now leads Fair Fight Action. She said Abrams' loss to Governor-elect Brian Kemp isn't the reason they're filing the suit. 

“This lawsuit needed to be brought,” she said. “No matter what transpired on Election Night, the chaos of election day, the chaos of early vote and I would say that as you all review this and look at the widespread irregularities, the widespread problems of this system, this suit needed to be brought.”

Groh-Wargo said they've heard from about 40,000 people who had trouble voting in November's election.