Vocal Adventures With Sequoyah Murray

May 2, 2017

The simplest way to describe Sequoyah Murray’s music is to say he sings.

“He sings” only starts to scratch the surface of what Atlanta native Murray does with his voice over the top of the jazz inflected grooves in his music.

Murray purposely swings his voice through its whole range from falsettos to a baritone rumble.


“I definitely feel like I need to give all parts of my range their chance to be heard or to be used in the song, otherwise I feel like I’m cheating myself,” Murray said.

He says the falsetto is inspired by Prince, the deeper currents by the jazz artists he heard growing up in Atlanta. Somewhere in the mix there are echoes of Morrissey, maybe even Antony and the Johnsons.

It adds up to a surplus of sonic texture. The sound is fuller by half for Murray’s extra effort.

Listen to Sequoyah Murray’s "Aye Yie" and "Clean Cut" recorded at GPB’s 14th Street headquarters in this video. You can hear more of Sequoyah’s music on his Soundcloud page.