UPDATE: Atlanta Boil Water Advisory Lifted

Dec 4, 2018

1:17 p.m. Atlanta's Department of Watershed Management says Atlanta is good to go after a boil water advisory that lasted most of Monday into Tuesday. In a tweet Tuesday afternoon, the department said samples taken in affected areas confirmed there was no contamination of the public water system.

Speaking at Atlanta's City Council meeting Monday night, the department's commissioner, Kishia Powell, said the advisory came after low pressure was noted due to an issue at the Hemphill Pump Station earlier in the day. She said her department was in communication with Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, and Fulton and DeKalb County officials. 

The airport was later removed from the advisory and no flights were cancelled as a result. 

The city's Department of Watershed Management said it was working on routine maintenance when officials noticed the system was not functioning properly.  Powell said the deparment got back to normal pressure within an hour of the discovery.  

She said the system was back up and running as normal but the advisory will be in effect until clear samples are received from the lab, which could take 24 hours. She said the team started sampling Monday afternoon. 

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For information from the Mayor's Office of Emergency Preparedness on what to do during a boil water advisory click here. 

Editor's note: This story was updated at 12:16 p.m. to reflect the latest information on the boil water advisory.