Unaffordable ATL | Cancer-Detecting Breathalyzers | Bronner Bros. Beauty Show

Feb 18, 2016

Magnolia Crossing, an apartment complex in Cobb County, has recently been closed down in favor of clearing the land for higher-end commercial property. While the city claims that the renovation is a community investment, the continuing loss of low-cost housing continues to be a prevalent issue. We talk to Nathaniel Smith, who is the CEO of the Partnership for Southern Equity, about what can be done to assist low-income households with finding reliable living conditions. Then, Atlanta City Councilman Andre Dickens reads an excerpt from his recent commentary about the high price tags that come along with the city’s new housing structures. Also, research scientist Charlene Bayer is pioneering a new method for early cancer detection. No radiation, no fancy machines, just an inexpensive breathalyzer that can detect carcinogens caused by both lung and breast cancer. Bayer explains the technology and how it can be applied on a larger scale. Plus, Miko Branch co-founded the hair care line Miss Jessie’s with her sister Titi just over a decade ago. Women around the world have been singing the praises of Miss Jessie’s ever since and it’s especially popular in the African-American community as the “natural hair movement” continues to lead beauty trends. Branch is in Atlanta for an appearance at the long-running Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show and she stops by to talk about creating a powerhouse product line worth millions. And when we talk about the Jim Crow South, we often hear about segregation between blacks and whites, but racial tension had a broad effect on everyone in the region. University of Oregon history professor Julie Weise tracks the mass migration of Latinos and Mexicans to the South and what they faced when they got here. Weise and Tift County resident Javier Gonzalez join us to talk about the experiences of some of those early migrants.