Two of Georgia's Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs, Clark Howard and Jeff Hillimire!

Sep 27, 2014

This week, TWS focuses on two of Georgia's most dynamic entrepreneurs. Clark Howard and Jeff Hilimire.

Clark Howard has built a media empire around his deep knowledge of consumer issues and his on air persona of being a regular guy driven by his passion for helping consumers get the most for their money. “The Clark Howard Show” is syndicated to more than 200 radio stations nationwide; he appears regularly as a commentator on Fox Business Channel; he’s the author of 10 books of consumer advice, etc.

But few people know his personal story: How his father announced while Clark was in college that the family had gone broke and that Clark would have to leave school. How he overcame that obstacle through great personal drive. How he went on to found a chain of successful Atlanta travel agencies, which he sold to a bigger chain, and in his early 30s found himself happily retired on a beach in Florida with no need to work again. How he ended up in the broadcasting business and subsequently became perhaps the most trusted consumer advisor in the country.

In his 20s, Jeff Hilimire founded a web development and digital marketing agency that quickly attracted some of the biggest clients around: The Coca-Cola Company, Home Depot, UPS and more. When he sold that company to a much bigger marketing firm, he became a multi-millionaire before age 30. Today, he’s the president of Dragon Army, an Atlanta firm that builds game apps for phones and tablets. Hilimire’ s first effort is a game called “Robots Love Ice Cream.” I talk to him about how you build a game app from the ground up, and about the shape of the mobile app business today. Hilimire points out he got into the business because mobile apps are a $20 billion industry today. Jeff's blog "Begin the Begin" is a great spurce for information about what's happening in the tech world, but also features his thoughts on how to be an effective leader.