Trump's Delegate Lead Grows, Sanders Upsets Clinton in Michigan

Mar 9, 2016

Another round of Tuesday primary voting has come and gone, and with it another round of opportunities for those trailing Republican front-runner Donald Trump to make a dent in his ever growing delegate lead.

Trump swept through Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii during the most recent round of voting.  Texas senator Ted Cruz won in Idaho and finished second to Trump in the other three. Governor John Kasich of Ohio picked up the bronze medal in Mississippi and Michigan in preparation for the next set of primaries which includes his home state. Meanwhile, Florida senator Marco Rubio took home two thirds and two fourths in what was a disappointing day for him. Does Trump’s continued dominance in a diverse collection of states make him the inevitable GOP nominee? Will Cruz’s ability to continue to win the states that Trump doesn’t make him a viable alternative to the billionaire? If Kasich wins in Ohio and Rubio wins Florida, does the campaign continue to and through the Republican convention in July?

On the Democrat side, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont pulled the biggest upset of the primary season so far, proving the polls wrong and squeaking out a victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Michigan. Clinton trounced Sanders in Mississippi. Does the Sanders win in the first Rust Belt primary of the year portend future trouble for Clinton as voters in Ohio and Illinois prepare to go to the polls? Can Sanders continue to pick up wins in the upper mid-west and elsewhere and eat into Clinton’s sizeable delegate lead?

Under the Gold Dome, when SB 330 died, there was a thought that any legislation this session providing funding for MARTA expansion died with it. There are some now who think the funding may still have a faint pulse. Does it?

The panel weighs in on all of this and more!


Kyle Wingfield – AJC Editorial Page Writer

Rusty Paul – Mayor of Sandy Springs, Ga.

Sen. Nan Orrock – Ga. State Senate, District 36

Angelo Fuster- Democratic Consultant