Trump Bows Out of the Fox Debate & Has Bernie Found a Crack in Hillary's Southern Firewall?

Jan 27, 2016

Citing his ongoing feud with Fox News anchor and upcoming debate moderator Megyn Kelly, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump pulled out of the last Republican debate before Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses. Trump has accused Kelly of being unfair to him. Fox News has accused Trump of “terrorization”. Trump said that instead of debating, he may hold an event for the wounded warriors and the vets. Will his absence finally give some air to the establishment candidates trying to gain traction if not in Iowa, but in New Hampshire and beyond? Will voters tune in to watch a “Trumpless” debate? Sen. Ted Cruz has challenged Trump to a one on one debate “any time between now and the Iowa caucus.” Will Trump accept? And how does this affect Iowa and the campaign going forward? On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders continues to keep pace with Hillary Clinton in Iowa while maintaining a large lead in New Hampshire. If Sanders is able to pull out a win in Iowa on Monday and then win New Hampshire convincingly, will Clinton’s southern firewall be strong enough to stop a repeat of 2008? In South Carolina, State Representative Justin Bamberg switched his support from Sec. Clinton to Sen. Sanders. Does this change indicate a softening in support for Clinton in the African-American community? And is there a crack forming in the aforementioned firewall? In Georgia state politics, an Associate Superintendent of schools was forced to resign after offensive postings on his Facebook page came to light. And the governor seemed to tell any legislator willing to break the law in order to procure medical cannabis to be prepared for the consequences of their act of “civil disobedience” The panel weighs in on all this and more!