In Their Own Words: Candidates For Georgia's 6th Congressional District

Aug 5, 2019

With every U.S. House seat on the ballot in 2020, candidates across Georgia are fine-tuning their messaging to court voters. Hear from the candidates who hope to represent Georgia's 6th Congressional District north of Atlanta.

Each candidate was given two minutes to explain the top issue that has driven them to run for the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Brandon Beach

Republican State Sen. Brandon Beach
Credit Georgia State Senate

Brandon Beach currently serves as a Republican member of the Georgia State Senate for District 21. 

"Hi my name is Brandon Beach and I'm running for Congress in the 6th District. I've lived in North Fulton for over 25 years. I've raised my family here, started a small business and now have the privilege to serve my neighbors in the Georgia State Senate. I have spent my career working on smart, bold solutions to build a better Georgia. Transportation infrastructure has been my passion. Investing in infrastructure is a key to our continued economic success and maintaining the of quality life we've grown accustomed to. Too many moms and dads are trapped in gridlock and not spending enough time with their families and loved ones. I'm a commonsense conservative driven by results. A lot of candidates will repeat the same old talking points and tell you what they'd like to do. But I've actually done it. 

As chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee I've led the way to reduce congestion and increase mobility in metro Atlanta. I secured nearly one billion dollars for roads and bridge maintenance and ensured that these projects were done on time and on budget. I oversaw the creation of the ATL Authority which will improve transit integration and efficiency between 13 counties and require all transit providers to focus on the customer experience not governance. Additionally, I have spearheaded legislation that removed regulation and burdensome red tape on road projects allowing them to be completed on time and under budget.

I recognize that our infrastructure system is not as good as it should be, and that's why I'm ready to go to Washington and fight for bold solutions. Decreasing federal regulations and bureaucracy to help get these projects done on time and under budget should be a top priority. It's really remarkable to think how quickly President Eisenhower was able to construct highways in the 1950s and that today red tape and overregulation are causing projects to have extreme delays. Washington's dysfunction has us in complete gridlock.

Both parties agree that an infrastructure bill is critically needed but they can't make a compromise to get the job done. Federal regulations for new projects are causing delays and budget overruns as Georgia's leading authority on transportation I will get a deal done on infrastructure. It starts with improving our commutes through smart investments that will pay dividends for all. Vote for me, Brandon Beach, and I will keep metro Atlanta moving again."

Donnie Bolena

Republican Donnie Bolena.
Credit Donnie Bolena Facebook

Donnie Bolena is a small business owner and former mayoral candidate in Sandy Springs.

“My name is Donnie Bolena and I'm running for Congress in Georgia's 6th District in the Republican Party. I bring a very unique background and experience to the table. I consider myself to be the strongest candidate for this position and that's because of the strong support I received from people in our community. I would like to let you know what I'm running on things that are important to me so I could make [Georgia's 6th District] better.

I want to improve our road and highway infrastructures and make sure that we're not slamming our cars into potholes anymore. I want to enhance the school's safety of our children and our teachers. Arm our teachers. Teach them how to shoot guns to properly protect our children. I want affordable prescription medicine to make sure that people who can't afford their medicine that we are giving it to them and they're being well taken care of. And I want to put creation back in the classroom in District 6 public schools and be a leader on teaching children about the Lord, the Lord Jesus. We know so much about being born from apes because we're constantly being told that evolution was the way it was. Well I don't believe that. I believe in creation and I believe that God is our creator.

I hope that you will join me in my campaign and vote for me as we concentrate on our borders, as we concentrate on abortion, as we concentrate on making a better life for everybody. I am the man for Georgia's 6th Congressional District and I will lead it in the right direction. God bless you. I'm Donnie Bolena and I'm running for Congress in Georgia's 6th Congressional District.” 

Karen Handel

Karen Handel
Credit Courtesy of Karen Handel for Congress

Karen Handel represented Georgia's 6th Congressional District from 2017 to 2019 after winning the most expensive House election in history.  She was the first woman elected to the seat and the first female Republican elected to represent Georgia in Congress.

“Georgia's 6th District deserves a member of Congress who is a proven, effective leader. A representative who really knows our community and the issues that are important to us. Being a member of Congress isn't about a single issue. It's not about special interests or national celebrity. It's about serving you each and every day.

I've fought for you and delivered for you on the issues we care about. In Congress, I was proud to work with our president and my colleagues to advance the America First agenda... to deliver the largest tax cut in decades that's revived our economy and led to all-time low unemployment... fighting the opioid crisis, combating human trafficking and making our schools and communities safer. I stood with our servicemen and women to rebuild our military and do better for our veterans. I fought to fix our broken immigration system and for full funding for the wall and other border security measures. And I supported measures to rein in out-of-control spending, like a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget and "no budget, no pay" for Congress.

But the Socialist Democrats in Washington are obsessed with investigations and taking down our president instead of addressing the issues that will lift up hardworking Americans. They want to take away your private insurance and force you into government-run Medicare for all. They want to destroy our economy with a radical job-killing Green New Deal. And instead of fixing the broken immigration system and securing the border, the radical Democrats want open borders. Now, more than ever, we need serious leaders who will do the hard work needed to tackle the tough issues facing our country. I'm running for Congress so that you have someone in your corner. Someone who will work every single day on behalf of you and your family. I'm Karen Handel and I ask for your vote. Visit”

Lucy McBath

Democratic U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath
Credit Lucy McBath's office

Lucy McBath has represented Georgia's 6th Congressional District since 2019. 

“I am Congresswoman Lucy McBath. At my core, I will always be a Marietta mom. I first stood up after my son Jordan Davis was tragically shot and killed in 2012, and I began asking questions of our leaders and demanding they take action to keep our kids safe. Then, after the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a community just like ours, I was sickened that our legislators refused to act. When I saw that our political leaders were not taking action to keep our children safe, I stood up to do it myself.

Politicians were not only refusing to act on gun safety, but also on health care. I'm a two-time breast cancer survivor and I personally know the importance of insuring those with pre-existing conditions can get health care. Every day families deserve real action from our legislators not empty promises and inaction. When I got to [Washington] D.C. I immediately got to work. I have fought tooth and nail to make health care affordable and I have voted on multiple measures to ensure people with pre-existing conditions can receive affordable health care. We passed universal background checks for all gun sales for the first time in decades.

Above all I am accountable to you. I hosted the first in-person town halls for Georgia's 6th Congressional District in years. I have hosted multiple roundtables and open houses, and even passed landmark reforms to campaign finance and our democratic process. Because our leaders must be accountable to our community. I'm Lucy McBath. I'm a mom fighting for Common Sense in Washington that represents us not the special interests.”

Nicole Rodden

Candidate Nicole Rodden
Credit Nicole Rodden for Congress/ Facebook

Nicole Rodden is a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant and has worked in international business. 

“My name is Nicole Rodden, and I'm running in Georgia's 6th Congressional District. I was born in New York to a Hispanic mother and a Greek father who are both first-generation Americans. After high school, I attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy, which is one of our five official U.S. academies. Upon graduation I was commissioned into the Navy Reserves where I served for 10 years as an officer.

At the same time, I started my life in the private sector as a merchant mariner. My third mate's license gave me the capability of shipping unlimited tonnage in any ocean, which gave me the opportunity to work or serve in over 25 different countries. One thing I witnessed at ports around the world was the evils of human trafficking. Though there are many different issues facing our district, this firsthand experience, coupled with my disappointment in learning how prevalent human trafficking is here in our community, drove me to being very passionate about this issue.

In my personal life, I have dedicated much of my time in working with organizations who combat this plague on our city. But as a Congressman I will have the capability to encourage collaboration between all federal and state agencies, local law enforcement and nonprofits to make sure this atrocity is ended both in Atlanta and across our nation. To learn more about me and my campaign please visit”

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene
Credit Marjorie Greene for Congress

Marjorie Greene did not complete our request at the time of publication.