Tennessee Surf Rock With Repeat Repeat

Mar 15, 2016

Repeat Repeat started its life as surf rock from high atop the Cumberland Plateau. East Nashville, Tenn. to be exact. As they get ready for their next album, titled Floral Canyon and tentatively set for a July release, the band is growing past the purely sunny sounds of their debut Bad Latitude, changes you can hear in the Field Session recorded with the Field Note Stenographers. 

On the track "Mostly", Jared and Kristyn Corder sing about a tumultuous relationship. Chunky, doomy guitar and bass accentuate the drama.

On "Plugged In", the band rips through a summer jam that asks us to think hard about the beliefs we hold dear, why we have them and why we try to convince others of their truth. 

Repeat Repeat is on the road through April, then back in their Tennessee home for a while. They expect to be out again this summer in support of Floral Canyon after its release.  You can find their music on Bandcamp. 

Check out the entire Field Session recorded with the Field Note Stenographers.