Teachers, State Employees See Raises In Kemp’s Proposed Budget

Jan 17, 2019

Gov. Brian Kemp’s proposed budget for 2020 includes a $3,000 raise for certified Georgia teachers and a 2 percent merit raise for state employees. He made the announcement during his State of the State speech to legislators Thursday.

Kemp also confirmed earlier budget proposals. On Wednesday, at the Georgia Chamber’s Eggs and Issues Breakfast, Kemp announced $69 million in a one-time school safety grant, or about $30,000 per public school in Georgia and half a million dollars for an anti-gang task force.

In the speech, Kemp said 44 percent of teachers leave the profession in less than five years, and said the pay increase would remove “heavy burdens in the classroom.”

The $3,000 salary increase is the largest one-time increase in Georgia history and fulfills most of Kemp’s campaign promise of a $5,000 raise for teachers.

“Last year, the legislature lowered state income tax rates and fully funded public school education,” Kemp said. “I am confident we can do it again.”

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