Tales Of Thanksgiving Traditions, Improvisations With Dame Wilburn And Kay Powell

Nov 20, 2018

A decade ago, StoryCorps launched the "National Day of Listening." The day after Thanksgiving, it's a time to share stories — to ask your grandma about meeting your grandpa or find the story behind a nickname or whatever makes you curious. 


We asked two storytellers, Dame Wilburn and Kay Powell, to share their Thanksgiving memories with us. Wilburn, from Macon, is an author, spoken word performer and Moth mainstage host. Powell, from Valdosta, is a writer and obituarist who has written legacies for moonshiners, the planet Pluto and Flannery O'Connor's peacock. 

If you'd like to participate in the National Day of Listening, here's a DIY instruction guide


From the "On Second Thought" team, happy listening and Happy Thanksgiving.