Talbot County Asks For Tornado Cleanup Volunteers

Mar 8, 2019

Talbot County is asking for volunteers to come to town Saturday to help the community clean up the mess left by the tornado that struck the city of Talbotton last weekend.

While the tornado destroyed a number of homes and knocked out power for many, it also ripped into wooded areas in Talbotton and left many tons of plant debris on the ground and in the way. Danny Lockhart is coordinating the volunteer effort in Talbotton. He says state workers will take debris away, but firstthe debris has to get to the edge of the road. He says that’s where volunteers come in.

“We need people in pants, shoes, boots. If they can volunteer their services we will put them to work,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart says heavy equipment operators would be handy for moving tree trunks and larger debris, too.

Lockhart says groups of volunteers can check in starting at 7:30 am Saturday at the Chamber of Commerce at 12 Madison Street in Talbotton. Individual volunteers can check in around 8 am.