Supreme Court Extends Longtime Georgia-Florida Water Battle

Jun 27, 2018

From GPB News, this is Political Rewind.  Today, a long-awaited decision from the United States Supreme Court in Florida’s fight with Georgia over water rights from the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers.  We’ll discuss what happens next in the fight. 

A huge upset last night in a Democratic primary congressional race—a high-ranking member of the House is ousted by a 28-year old first-time candidate.  What does this loss say about the Democratic Party as it seeks to re-take the House in November?  Also, why is a candidate for Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner under federal investigation?  We’ll talk about it. Plus, thrust into the fight President Trump is facing over tariffs, Agriculture Secretary and former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue seeks to reassure farmers they’ll be okay. That and more ahead, on Political Rewind, right after the news.


AJC Lead Political Reporter Greg Bluestein

Mercer University Political Science Department Chairman and Professor Chris Grant

AJC Washington Correspondent Tamar Hallerman

State Representative, District 81, Scott Holcomb

Republican Insider Todd Rehm