As Storms Recede, Seeing What Might Have Been A Tornado

Apr 1, 2016


While tornado watches are set to expire into Friday evening, The National Weather Service is investigating what, if any, of the wind damage that came from storms that hit Georgia early Friday morning was caused by tornadoes.


In all, the National Weather Service issued seven tornado warnings in Georgia between 3 a.m. and noon Friday.

Twiggs County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Johnson was patrolling Interstate 16 Friday morning when he got a call from his father in law saying the cluster of family homes on the Twiggs County/Wilkinson County line were in what felt like a tornado.

“I came here and there was debris still flying,” Johnson said. “I got him, made sure he was OK and I went down to my aunt's house. It was destroyed and to me in a rescue guy, it took us about 30 minutes to get her out of the house.”

Johnson said despite the damage, no one in his family was seriously injured.

Meteorologists watched the storm show signs of rotation, then settle down, then spool up again a number of times before potentially touching down in Twiggs County. National Weather Service Investigators on the ground are assessing whether the storm can officially be called a tornado.