'Splatter Room' Encourages Visitors To Pick Up A Paintbrush And 'Let Loose'

Feb 21, 2020

The Splatter Room in Atlanta’s Ponce City Market, which opened last December as part of Binders art supply store, encourages visitors to let their inner Picasso out on a blank canvas.


While covered from head to toe in protective clothing, customers at the Splatter Room fling paint around and create unexpected masterpieces. Perfection is not the key here; rather, messy creativity is celebrated.

Jade Bleclic, the marketing and creative director at Binders, says he hopes the Splatter Room can be a space to help bring people together.


"The Splatter Room gives people the opportunity to go in, unplug, and really enjoy each other," he explained.


A feeling of community is the essence behind the Splatter Room. Therapy groups, families, couples, and even work teams have entered the space to unwind.

“We've had guests come in who've been very upset or angry about something," Bleclic shared. "You can't tell off the bat if someone's angry, but once they get in there and they start letting that paint fly at the canvas, it's obvious that there's something going on and they're just getting it out."

Some people, like customer Laura Fryer, visited the Splatter Room as a team-bonding exercise. 


“It was one of the only experiences I've had where I'm painting, where I'm able to just have fun, let loose and not really worry about like mixing colors together,” Fryer said.


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