Speed Limits Increase On Some Georgia Interstates

Sep 9, 2019

Speed limits have gone up on some Georgia interstates.

The Georgia Department of Transportation increased the speed limit to 70 mph on several major roads in and near Atlanta.

The state came up with the new number after measuring the average speed of drivers on those highways then set the limit close to that.

GDOT’s Natalie Dale says the change is about matching the speed limit to how fast people are actually driving.

"You let that speed limit through these speed studies sort of naturally set itself with what the vast majority of people are doing; it creates a safer environment on the road," she said.

GDOT also considers things like curves and hills when setting speed limits.

The department increased the speed limit to 70 mph on these roads:

  • SR 402/I-20 (EB & WB) outside perimeter, Rockdale County Line to SC State Border & Riverside Pkwy to Alabama State Line
  • SR 403/I-85 (NB & SB) outside perimeter, DeKalb County Lint to Old Peachtree Rd & Coweta County Line to Clayton County
  • SR 401/I-75 (NB & SB) outside perimeter, Spalding County Line to Clayton County Line
  • SR 419/I-985 from I-85 to Hall County Line
  • SR 413/I-675 from I-75 to Clayton County Line
  • SR 417/I-575 (NB & SB) Cherokee County (Pending approval in Cobb County)