South Carolina Primary Heats Up

Feb 19, 2016

As Republicans prepare to go to the polls in the first of many to come southern primaries, Donald Trump continues to lead the field in most polling. The South Carolina contest is getting more heated with the GOP frontrunner’s legal counsel serving Sen. Ted Cruz with a cease and desist order because of a campaign ad that uses Trump’s words. South Carolina governor Nikki Haley has announced her endorsement of Marco Rubio, much to the disappointment of former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Will Haley’s endorsement of Rubio help push him to the front of the pack? Will campaign help from former president George W. Bush help his brother? Will the video of Gov. John Kasich hugging a UGA student go viral and propel him to a top four finish in the Palmetto State? And whither Dr. Ben Carson? In Nevada, Democratic voters prepare to caucus with former secretary of state Hillary Clinton trying to hold onto what was once a substantial lead. Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders is trying to prove that he can win in a state that has a more diverse population than New Hampshire, where he won overwhelmingly. Will Clinton be able to hold on in Nevada and come south with momentum? Can Sanders win out west and come south with the money and momentum to exploit any cracks in Clinton’s southern “firewall”? Under the Gold Dome, funding for MARTA expansion continues to be discussed. In the Senate, a bill merging the Pastor Protection Act passed by the House was merged with the Senate’s First Amendment Protection Act and was to be voted on by the full Senate. There are many that feel that the new bill, if passed, will be bad for business in Georgia. Others feel it is necessary to protect religious freedom. Does it pass the Senate and move on to the House? What will the House do with it? Will it eventually become law?