Some Numbers On A Challenge To Trap Coyotes

Jun 9, 2017



The numbers are in after four months of a six month experiment in promoting coyote hunting in Georgia. The results are mixed.


Trappers have turned in 176 coyotes to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources since March in what DNR is calling the Coyote Challenge. Jennifer Wisniewski, communications manager for the DNR Wildlife Resources Division, says that may sound like a lot until you consider what deer hunters do every fall.


"During deer season, hunters harvest over 70,000 coyotes," Wisniewski said.


That’s every year, just in Georgia. The coyote challenge number by comparison?


"It's a drop in the bucket," Wisniewski said.


Wisniewski says raw numbers aren’t really the point. What DNR wants deer hunters to do is hunt coyotes in the spring and summer when coyote predation on young deer is thought to be highest. For their trouble, one coyote hunter a month will win a lifetime Georgia hunting license. The Coyote Challenge runs through August.