Sid Mashburn On Men's Fashion And Southern Style

Jun 25, 2016

Just the other weekend, my family was out to dinner celebrating Father’s Day. While typically my family’s gatherings are a time to catch up on everyone’s lives, this dinner conversation was different as it was surprisingly centered around men’s clothing.

It all started with my 24-year-old brother declaring that after  a lifetime of taking cues from my dad’s 50-something-year-old man look of too many pleats and more than enough cuffs, it was time for a change. The only issue: He didn’t know where to start.

My uncle quickly agreed and chimed in that as someone who works from home, he has a hard time keeping up with the latest and most fashionable ways to dress in both professional and casual settings. While no one at the table could properly answer these questions, Sid Mashburn, a Mississippi country boy turned high-end fashion designer, can. 

The now ubiquitous barn jacket Sid Mashburn designed for J. Crew.

On this episode of “Two Way Street,” Bill Nigut talks with Sid to learn more about his background in design and retail, his past work with companies such as Ralph Lauren and J. Crew, as well as the opening of his first store located in Atlanta’s Westside District. Sid also discussed his own look as well as various pieces that he has designed. He even goes down a musical rabbit hole later in the interview, musing on the finer points of some of his favorite songs and albums that have sparked his imagination over the years.

Check out Sid's "Top 40" Spotify playlist below. 

This post was written by “Two Way Street” intern Caroline Heys.