On Set In Georgia: Netflix Series From Killer Mike, Dolly Parton Anthology, Film 'Little'

If you see rows of trucks and traffic cones lining streets, they could signal new productions being filmed in Georgia. These projects, like HBO's upcoming comic book adaptation "Watchmen," contribute to Georgia's multi-billion dollar film industry.


Kalena Boller, host of GPB's "The Credits" podcast, joined "On Second Thought" to share her insider knowledge on new movies and television shows filmed in the state.

Upcoming movies and television shows filmed in Georgia:


1. Netflix's "Trigger Warning with Killer Mike"


2. FXX's "Archer"


3. HBO's "Watchmen"


4. Netflix musical anthology series with Dolly Parton


5. Peachtree TV's "Atlanta Eats"


6. Documentary "Clarkston"


7. Film "Little" starring Issa Rae, Regina Hall and Marsai Martin



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