On Set In Georgia

Nov 28, 2016

What celebrity sightings might you be in store for this week? That all depends on what film projects are taking place around the state. We get an update on who’s currently on set from Jennifer Brett of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Buzz Blog.

The Cosby Show

Since sexual assault allegations surfaced against Bill Cosby, many networks have stopped showing re-runs of "The Cosby Show." Bounce TV in Atlanta was one of the networks that took the show off the air, but recently decided to start airing it again. Bounce describes itself as the “the first African-American broadcast network." Its founders include Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III. 

Stranger Things

Without question, one of the most popular of the Netflix original shows is "Stranger Things." Season 2 is currently filming in Georgia, and looking for extras.

The Walking Dead

Another creepy show produced in Georgia is "The Walking Dead." Fans have been traumatized this season by the murderous villain Negan, who uses a spiked baseball bat to strike fear in his enemies. The show has also taken a beating in the ratings.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in "The Walking Dead." In this scene, he prepares to murder two of the show's main characters with a spiked baseball bat.
Credit AMC

Black Panther

People are excited about Marvel's "Black Panther," to say the least. Actor Chadwick Boseman first brought the character to the big screen in this year's "Captain America: Civil War." Boseman told "Late Show" host Seth Meyers that wearing the Black Panther suit during filming in Atlanta was tough.

Chadwick Boseman has to suit up again in Atlanta...this time for Marvel's "Black Panther," which centers on his character. 

Hidden Figures

Atlanta singer Janelle Monáe stars in the new film, "Hidden Figures," alongside Taraji Henson and Octavia Spencer. It's coming out next month and tells the true story of three African-American women who played a big role in the development of the space program.