Sensory Music Artist Siana Altiise On How Synesthesia Became Her "Superpower"

Sep 18, 2019

From Vincent Van Gogh to Charli XCX, many accomplished artists are thought to have synesthesia, or the blending of two or more senses. Atlanta-based sensory artist Siana Altiise also has synesthesia, and she feels compelled to use her unique perspective to create musical experiences meant to relax people.

Siana joined On Second Thought to share how she builds her meditative tracks based on both the psychology of attention and her personal experiences with synesthesia. 

Like many people with synesthesia, Siana didn't realize she was experiencing the world differently until much later in life. After learning she has about eight forms of synesthesia, she has come to view them as superpowers, and believes it is no accident that she interacts the world this way. 

Her new album, "Sleeping Waters," drops in October. For now, you can find more of her music on her website

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