On Second Thought For Wednesday, September 26, 2018

There are a lot of film and television projects being produced right now in Georgia. We got a rundown of some of what’s in production from Kalena Boller. She works as a location manager in Georgia’s film industry. She also gave us a preview of her upcoming GPB podcast, "The Credits." It focuses on the stories of the people who work behind the scenes.


This month, the movie The Predator came to theaters. In the new remake of the 1987 film, the actor wearing the alien mask is Georgia-native Brian Prince. Brian was a student at SCAD when he plunged into the gravity defying stunts of parkour. He told us how he got involved in the film industry as a stuntman.

In June, Atlanta’s iconic Hotel Clermont reopened after an extensive renovation, a matter of concern for fans of the dingy strip club in the hotel basement called the Clermont Lounge. We talked with Dana Seith, whose books "No Cameras" takes a look at the history of the Clermont Lounge, and the many people who made it part of their lives.