On Second Thought For Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jun 14, 2017

A recent study finds Atlanta lags behind nearly every large city in the country when it comes to preserving historic architecture. A 1922 building in Vine City was recently slated for teardown, only to be partially saved as a YMCA center. We talk about Atlanta’s flimsy historic preservation record with Sheffield Hale, President of the Atlanta History Center; and Mtamanika Youngblood, President of Sweet Auburn Works.

Then, we turn to a possible cancer cluster in Georgia. Within the span of two months in 2015, four children living in or near Waycross were diagnosed with similar cancers. Another child died on Memorial Day. The community has struggled to find out why and what, if anything, is being done to make sure other people don’t get sick. We talked with Andy Miller of Georgia Health News and Brenda Goodman of WebMD.

Next, one clown in Atlanta is awfully sad. Puddles the Clown is a persona created by Atlanta-based singer and bandleader Mike Geier. We asked Mike to contribute his picks to our Georgia Playlist.

And then, a look at race in Georgia schools. More than six decades ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its historic Brown v. Board of Education ruling. For the first time in history, it was illegal for states to have separate public schools for black and white students. But many public schools in the South have actually re-segregated in the years since Brown v. Board. That’s according to a recent report from Civil Rights Project at UCLA. The study also shows that for the first time ever, Latino student enrollment surpassed black enrollment. We talk with Penn State University professor Erica Frankenberg, Belisa Urbina of the group Ser Familia, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Maureen Downey.