On Second Thought For Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jan 25, 2017

The Blue Seas Restaurant is the result of efforts to bring people of different stripes together in west Atlanta. In a neighborhood left in the shadow of a new Falcons stadium, community leaders have built a place for communion, growth, unity, and healthy food. We talk to two of the spiritual leaders behind the restaurant, and ask what they believe this establishment can achieve.

Last month, the A&E network canceled a documentary series about the Ku Klux Klan. The series, which featured Klan members in North Georgia, was scrapped because some of the people interviewed were paid to appear in it. There was a lot of criticism that this series crossed an ethical line between exposing hate and normalizing it. Should the media ever humanize hate groups? We talk about that with ProPublica reporter Jessica Huseman, documentary filmmaker Michael Ramsdell, Indiana University professor Betsi Grabe, and Mercer University professor Michele Beverly.

Then, storms in South Georgia have devastated the communities there in the last few days. Since the storms began this past weekend, at least fifteen people have been killed and dozens more injured. GPB’s Grant Blankenship, who covered the storms, joins us for an update on the scene in Albany.

And, both Video Gaming and ‘E-sports’ are burgeoning digital media industries in Georgia. The state is now home to more than 110 game companies, ranking it 7th in country. An estimated 3,142 full-time employees work within this industry, where the average base salary is about $64,000. We talk to Asante Bradford with the Georgia Department of Economic Development about how this industry will evolve in coming years.