On Second Thought For Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dec 7, 2016

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola is largely credited for bringing Santa Claus into mainstream culture. Since the 1930s, Coke has released ads at Christmas time featuring the big jolly man. But their marketing scheme has shifted every year, from polar bears to trains. We bring back Coke historian Mark Pendergrast to give us a lesson on Coca-Cola Christmas marketing through the ages.  

Then, the fight for equality among race, gender, and sexual orientation has often ended up in the courtroom. Many of the female attorneys fighting on the front lines have been subject to gender bias. A new documentary tells their stories across several generations. It’s called ”Balancing the Scales,” and is based on 20 years of interviews by Atlanta filmmaker and attorney Sharon Rowen. We talk with her about the project.

And, a debate is going on over the operation of immigration detention centers. Georgia’s Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin is one of the largest in the country. It is run by a private company. There are many like it. Critics say those private facilities are problematic. This month, a Homeland Security Advisory Council said they should be phased out. However, a separate subcommittee wants to continue using private immigrant detention facilities,  but that committee wants greater oversight. We talk more about this with Azadeh Shahshahani, the legal and advocacy director with Project South.

Finally, popular belief says that men and women have inherently different ways of communicating. A new study from Georgia Tech has found men and women do not show disparity while writing when given the same task and training. We bring on lead researcher Brian Larson to explain his findings, as well as Emory professor Falguni Sheth to discuss stereotypes in gender communication styles.