On Second Thought For Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nov 1, 2016

Right now, Georgia is in the middle of a serious drought. Rising temperatures and lack of rainfall have affected a number of counties throughout the state.  The National Drought Monitor Center has found that more than 50 counties in Georgia are in “extreme” drought. We speak with Jac Capp from the Environmental Protection Division and The Weather Channel senior meteorologist Jonathan Erdman about a dry end to summer and water conservation in the Peach State.

Plus, Atlanta’s famed music venue, The Masquerade, is scheduled to shut its doors this weekend. We listen some treasured memories of  locals who have stories to tell from its 26-year home on North Avenue. 

Then, with a week to go until the General Election, more than a million early ballots have been cast in Georgia. There are many Georgians who are voting for the first time, but some residents say the nastiness of the presidential race has tainted the experience. And we revisit an important conversation about voting rights with Ari Berman, author of “Give Us The Ballot” and senior contributing writer for The Nation magazine.

And we add another episode to our “Break it Down” series, where we give proper explanations of commonly used phrases or terms. In this installment, we examine what “margin of error” means when it comes to polling with help from Pew Research Center senior methodologist Andrew Mercer.