On Second Thought For Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike is determined to see Bernie Sanders in the White House. We talk with him about the presidential race, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and his music.

Killer Mike meets with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Atlanta.
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Then, 69 years ago today, the first African-American police officers in Georgia were sworn in. A total of nine black police officers joined the Savannah Police Department on May 3, 1947. They became known, collectively, as the “Original Nine.” Retired Lieutenant John White is the only surviving member. Producer Linda Chen spent an afternoon with White as he looked back on that landmark moment of his storied career in law enforcement.

And National Pie Champion Francine Bryson stays true to her roots. She remembers watching her mother and grandmothers baking and cooking in the kitchen for Sunday supper. She takes those recipes and makes them her own in her new cookbook, “Country Cooking From A Redneck Kitchen.” The recipes, she writes, are “the ones that we Southerners go to when company shows up, when there’s a dinner on the ground, or when the preacher is coming to visit.” We speak with Bryson about what it means to be a “redneck” and how to cook like one.

Plus, when it comes to Southern cuisine, cornbread is required on the plate. But while cornbread unites the South, it can also divide us. Kathleen Purvis, food editor with The Charlotte Observer, writes there is a racial and cultural divide over ingredients.