"On Second Thought" For Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019

The Georgia coast is a central calving spot for North Atlantic right whales; however, last year, no new calves were spotted there, and that caused great concern about the species. Only about 400 right whales are left in the entire world.

Things are looking up this year: four, possibly five, calves have been spotted along the Florida and Georgia coasts so far this season. 

Clay George is among those monitoring the numbers. He's a wildlife biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and he joined "On Second Thought" via Skype.

For generations, the Georgia coast has been home to folks who have made their living on the water. A new oral history project aims to trace the traditions and changes in small-scale fishing through firsthand accounts.

Georgia Southern University anthropology professor Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and University of Georgia Marine Extension associate director Bryan Fluech are leading a team of anthropology students in compiling "Fishing Traditions and Fishing Futures: Oral Histories of Commercial Fishing in Georgia."

Tookes and Fluech joined "On Second Thought" from GPB's studio in Savannah.

Few people have done more to thoroughly understand Southern identity than Bill Ferris. For the last half century, the folklorist has used photographs, field recordings and film to document the true character of the South. On Sunday, his "Voices of Mississippi" collection of interviews, films and songs won the Grammy Awards for Best Historical Album and Best Album Notes.

Ferris joined "On Second Thought" last summer when Atlanta-based Dust-to-Digital released "Voices of Mississippi."