On Second Thought For Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018

Location can be instrumental to the success of a business, and for companies looking to expand or make a big move choosing the right state to can have a large impact on their profitability. Many outlets and publications take on the challenging task of analyzing all 50 countries in the United States and make an attempt to rank each on different criteria that they consider vital for businesses to thrive. Last month Forbes magazine published their 2018 list ranking the "Best States for Business." Georgia cracked the top 10 and claimed the 6th spot on the list. Forbes Senior Editor Kurt Bradenhausen and Emory Goizueta Business School professor Tom Smith break down how analysts and economists compile such lists and what it takes to be a top state for business.

For Keeps, a shop for rare and classic black books, recently opened on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. Owner Rosa Duffy wants to make the shop a community space to explore the history of black literature and publishing. "Atlanta already has a sense of appreciation for their blackness. We already have a huge community here," said Duffy. "So I feel very humbled and honored to be on Auburn Avenue, which has such a history behind it." She stopped by "On Second Thought" to discuss her parents' influence on her reading and the process of opening a used bookstore in the city.

GPB's Grant Blankenship also sent "On Second Thought" an audio postcard about the power of food from the British Tea Room restaurant in the city of Warner Robins.

Until the 19th century, Christmas gifts were not exchanged until Jan. 6. Christians would celebrate the gifts of the Magi to the Christ child. That was long before PlayStations, Black Friday sales and holiday spikes in airfare. Despite all the reminders of the reason for the season, the giving and gathering can be followed by months of credit card bills for many people.

report finds the average household credit card debt in Georgia to be the seventh highest in the country while the state has the 19th lowest median income. Matt Goren is a financial educator and co-host of the WUGGA podcast, "Nothing Funny About Money." Goren spoke with "On Second Thought" host Virginia Prescott about budgeting and saving for the holidays.