On Second Thought For Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jun 2, 2016

Friendships have ended, feelings have been hurt and a cultural war has been declared over the latest national debate to rage on social media: How do you like your grits? We speak about this cultural divide and learn about the history of grits from chef and cookbook author Virginia Willis. 


Then, the band Little Tybee first came together in Atlanta in 2009. The group blends folksy lyrics with intricate musical arrangements. Their fourth album is out this week and the band gives us a live music preview from the GPB Performance Studio. 


Plus, the Atlanta Braves are currently in the basement of MLB standings with only 15 season wins. The team is banking on their move to SunTrust Park in Cobb County next year to galvanize the fan base. But rising costs to the construction project, along with several money saving cuts to traffic-reducing infrastructure, may only increase the congestion that Cobb County is already notorious for. We talk with Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Dan Klepal and blogger Angie Scmitt of Streetsblog USA about the mounting problems surrounding the controversial stadium project. Then, GPB’s resident curmudgeon Don Smith vents his frustrations with the Cobb County traffic situation in our latest installment of the Gripebag.