On Second Thought For Monday, May 6, 2019

Hate incidents are on the rise in American schools, according to a new report from the Teaching Tolerance project at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Teaching Tolerance Director Maureen Costello joined On Second Thought on the line from Montgomery, Alabama, to discuss the report's findings.

Ernest Matthew Mickler's White Trash Cooking was released in 1986 to mixed reviews. Some of the recipes in the cookbook include "Uncle Willie's Swamp Cabbage Stew," "Rabbit Pie" and "Broiled Squirrel." Critics wondered if the book was for shock value or if it was just another elitist dig at poor Southerners.

But as Michael Adno tells On Second Thought, Mickler was a man who took pride in his disappearing Southern heritage and in the food served by his Florida relatives and neighbors — the same people he felt rejected by as a gay man.

The Kentucky Derby is a time for seersucker, burgoo and mint juleps. GPB Atlanta Morning Edition host Leah Fleming explores the history of the drink with mixologist and cocktail historian Tiffany Barrierie.

The Savannah College of Art and Design's film school is diversifying Georgia's entertainment industry one future director (and grip and production assistant and actor) at at time. Kalena Boller, host of GPB's The Credits podcast, takes a campus tour for a peek into the future of "Y'allywood."