On Second Thought For Monday, May 23, 2016

May 24, 2016

Come this December, millions of American workers will be eligible for overtime pay. That's because of a new policy finalized by the Labor Department. In our regular series, “Break It Down,” we talk about the history of the 40-hour work week. Then, Wall Street Journal reporter Melanie Trottman discusses how the new overtime protections work and who’s covered by them.

A poll by the evangelical firm Barna Group found Christians who regularly attend church, and those who don’t, have very different feelings when it comes to presidential candidate Donald Trump. More than a third of churchgoers hold unfavorable opinions of the de facto Republican nominee while Christian Republicans generally like him. We speak with two faith leaders in Georgia about this statistic and how their congregations are feeling about the presidential race. 

Plus, is our democracy working as it should? Early Greek philosophers had their own concerns about the viability of the democratic model. We talk with Mercer University professor Charlotte Thomas about those early warnings. Will American democracy survive given the current political climate? That depends who you ask. We pose that question to Michael Evans of Georgia State University and Robert Pirro of Georgia Southern University. Both teach political science, but have starkly different outlooks on the future of our democracy.