On Second Thought For Friday, August 5, 2016

Aug 5, 2016

The small city of Sparta, Georgia made headlines this week. A lawsuit claims Hancock County and its Board of Elections systematically questioned the registrations of nearly two hundred Sparta voters - most of whom are black. A quarter of the voters were removed from voter rolls. This electoral move would have required the pre-clearance from the federal government three years ago. But the Supreme Court struck down that provision, saying the mandate was outdated and unconstitutional. We speak with a legal expert about the voting rights act and the efforts of some activists to reinstate the provision.


Then, we add two more tracks to our essential Georgia Playlist. Brock Scott and Nirvana Kelly of the Atlanta-based group Little Tybee share tunes by Johnny Mercer and Outkast. Plus, it’s Friday and we’re in the Breakroom. The group talks about highlights from the week’s news including parents’ concerns over an after-school “Satan Club,” a televangelist’s multimillion dollar house, and Chick-Fil-A puts its iconic advertising cows out to pasture.

Plus, the Breakroom gang returns to talk about Donald Trump, ethics behind posting nude photos of his wife, and whether a new soccer field can boost Marta’s ridership.