On Second Thought For August 2, 2016

Aug 2, 2016

Macon-Bibb Country officials meet this month to discuss why there are so many pedestrian fatalities in the area. The Georgia Department of Public Health found the county has the second highest rate of pedestrian deaths in the state. We speak with Macon-Bibb Board of Health member Chris Tsavatewa about what needs to be done to decrease the number of deaths. Then, we talk with Angie Schmitt, editor of Streetsblog USA, about how pedestrian fatalities look across the country. 

Plus, the Georgia Cyber Academy is the state's largest public school and one of the biggest virtual programs in the country. The academy received more than $80 million in public funding last year. But despite the investment, state officials gave the school a failing grade. Guest host Adam Ragusea speaks with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Ty Tagami about the reasons behind the rating and what this means for the school's future funding. Then, we talk with University of Maryland education policy professor Jennifer Rice about how education is funded and the unique challenges virtual schools face. 

Finally, we open the Gripebag and hear from Spice to Table owner and chef Asha Gomez about why she hates the term "fusion food." Then, we talk about the importance of racial diversity in food with the Nicole Taylor of the Hot Grease Podcast, food and beer writer Dennis Byron and Natalie Keng of the Chinese Southern Belle.