Saving Little Richard's Home From The Wrecking Ball

Dec 28, 2016

It's a landmark that will soon be moved to a new patch of land. 

The home Little Richard called home as a kid in Macon's Pleasant Hill neighborhood is one of eight slated to be moved out of the way of a massive Georgia Department of Transportation expansion of the Interstate 75/Interstate 16 interchange. About 40 other homes will be demolished. 

Heather Costin, the COO of Tugaloo House Movers, the company moving the homes, said the home next door will roll to the end of Pleasant Hill on the north side of I-75 Thursday. She said in getting the homes ready, crews have peeled back their history. 

"These houses have one or two roofs underneath what you can physically see," she said. "Which puts them back to the 1900s. Maybe even later than that, 1800s."

While Costin said she doesn't know when in the next month or so the Little Richard home will be moved.