Savannah Hospital Evacuates Babies To Macon

Sep 9, 2017

In advance of Hurricane Irma 45 babies from Savannah Memorial Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit evacuated to several Georgia hospitals. Fifteen of the babies were transported via ambulance and helicopter to Navicent Health in Macon.

Dr. Mitch Rodriguez is the Medical Director of the NICU. He said, "Some of our patients that came were relatively stable, just completing their hospitalization. Some of them were relatively critical in the sense that they were either post-surgical and or still on the ventilator or on a significant amount of support."

Rene Gunner is in the Macon NICU with her daughter Quinn who was born at 26 weeks. Gunner said, "You don't even want to be in this situation but things have just kind of lined up for us and so we're incredibly grateful and thankful for all the blessings, because I consider this a blessing, coming to Macon."

Nine Savannah nurses traveled with the babies and will stay with them until it is safe to return to Savannah.