Sarah Palin Endorses Trump and Could Sanders Win Iowa and New Hampshire?

Jan 20, 2016

Former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin flew into Iowa to deliver a full throated, Obama and establishment bashing endorsement of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. How does the former Alaska governor’s support for Trump affect the upcoming caucus? Does Palin’s support solidify Trump’s support among evangelicals? Does it have legs outside of Iowa? How will it play in Georgia? And how is the Ted Cruz campaign hurt or not hurt by the endorsement? Will Marco Rubio’s purchase of a gun on Christmas Eve to fight ISIS help convince voters that he’s tough enough to beat the Democrat nominee in November and become Commander in Chief? And what of the other establishment candidates- will any gain traction with voters as the primaries and caucuses draw nigh? The ever tightening race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has led both candidates to step up their attacks on each other. In the recent Democratic debate, Clinton wrapped herself tightly in Obama administration accomplishments while trying to paint the Vermont senator as a friend of the NRA who would undo the last seven years, if elected. If Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire, what’s next? Will he play well in Georgia and other southern states, or does Clinton’s support among minorities create enough of a firewall to help her secure the nomination? And whither Joe Biden- is he waiting in the wings? As the Georgia General Assembly enters its third week, religious freedom and same sex marriage will again be on the agenda. Will the Religious Freedom Restoration Act again pass the Senate? Will the First Amendment Defense Act gain any traction? Will either garner enough support in the House to become law? The panel weighs in on all of this and more!