Sanders and Trump Take New Hampshire by Political Rewind

Feb 10, 2016

Well, the first in the nation primary is history. The people of New Hampshire have made their choices known and have only added to the confusion surrounding this year’s presidential races. On the GOP side, Donald Trump far outpaced his competition with just over 35 percent of the vote. Ohio Governor John Kasich finished second with nearly 16 percent of the vote while Iowa caucus winner Sen. Ted Cruz tallied nearly 12 percent to finish third. Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio finished close behind. As the campaign travels to South Carolina, there are five Republican candidates still vying for the chance to replace President Obama. Kasich and Bush have already fired opening salvos in what is sure to be a take no prisoners week of campaigning. How negative can and will it get? And who has the momentum as the campaign turns south with the big SEC primary day looming on the horizon? On the Democrat side, it was a good night for Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won convincingly over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Does Sanders’ 22 point win over Clinton in the Granite State portend future trouble for the former first lady’s campaign? How solid is Clinton’s southern firewall? Will the Clinton campaign go negative to beat back the Sanders challenge? Can Sanders withstand any attacks and be competitive enough in the south to stay in the game as it moves back north and west? In politics from under the Gold Dome, the Georgia House of Representatives approved HB870, a measure that allows student athletes to wear religious messages on their uniforms while in state sanctioned competition. What is the future of other religious freedom legislation working its way through the legislature? The panel weighs in on all of this and more! We want to hear from you! Talk to us @politicsgpb