Ruth Hartley Mosley's Home Enters National Register of Historic Places

Oct 22, 2017


In September, the home of Ruth Hartley Mosley, a prominent figure in Macon’s history, was officially placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Reverend Levornia Franklin Jr. welcomed guests to the ceremony at Mosley’s former home on Spring Street.


“Good morning, and welcome to the Ruth Hartley Mosley Memorial Women’s Center. Come on, give yourselves a hand for coming out this morning," he said.


She was born in Savannah in 1886 but moved to Macon after getting married. As a black woman during Reconstruction she blazed trails, getting an education and moving on to a successful career in nursing where she became a mentor to others.


“Ms. Mosley’s contribution to health care, education, community service, and civil rights are inspiring to all of us," said Dr. Thomas Duvall, Board Chair for the Center. He says it’s important for young people to know their history.


“All of our children, but especially our so-called ‘at risk’ African-American children, need to know about local, iconic, historic leaders like Mrs. Ruth Hartley Mosley," Duvall said.


Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Elaine Lucas says she’s happy to see Black history recognized.


“There’s just something about the fact that other folks’ history is being included with all of the other history in this community," Lucas said.


And that history will come to life through the efforts of Historic Macon. Kim Campbell is Director of Preservation Field Services.


“I’m excited to say that we’re going to be bringing about 200 Macon-Bibb high school students through this place in the coming months so that they too can learn the legacy of Ruth Hartley Mosley," she said.