Raymond Carr: The Atlanta Puppeteer Raised By Christian Clowns

Jul 11, 2018

Raymond Carr  was raised by Christian clowns. Yes, that’s a real thing. He was also taught by the famous Jim Henson Company. He is a master puppeteer who has been all around the world working on various productions.




He got his first start in the business at the Center for Puppetry Arts as an intern puppeteer. He soon went onto the Nickelodeon Studios. His first stop was in Iceland, where he understudied for the puppet Pixel, in the kids television show Lazy Town.

Carr has commandeered animatronic dinosaurs, been the voice of a pufferfish, as well as created and directed some films of his own. He now owns his own production company called Ninja Puppet Productions. We got to sit down and hear about his life in the puppetry arts.